Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mental Episodes - Rough Story Structure

9 Stage Story in Sequence

1. First Encounter: (walk in)
The cell door closes and the blackness begins to take over the cell, the sound of prisoners and the outside world are playing on the prisoners mind but begin to fade into nothingness.
Audio: Soundscape outside the cell increasing in volume.
Visual: Darkness
Interactivity: Begins the loop
Time: 30 secs

2. Personal Reflection:
The prisoner looks back on his/her previous life and all the memories, good or bad of what life was like outside. The back-story and memories of the prisoner is illustrated by a number of sounds and visuals.
Audio: series of events, sounds, then lead to Soundscape outside the cell (presenf time)
Visual: P.O.V Murder - Newspaper, Knives, Police, Court Date (series of events leading to confinment.
Time: 30 secs

3. Anxiety:
The fear begins to set in as time passes within the cell; the prisoners begin to go inside themselves away from the world. Their heartbeat and breathing increases the walls begin to feel as if they are closing in. Sound intensity and visual intensity increase to a point of physical and mental discomfort.
Audio: Heavy Breathing, Heart Beating.
Visual: Walls Moving in around them, Bricks moving in/out (room closing in around him)
Time:30 secs

4. Sleep Deprivation:
The lack of sleep is beginning to set in; the prisoner is drifting in and out of consciousness. The line between reality and illusions are beginning to blur. The passing of time is becoming hard to measure.
Audio: sound of scraping into walls intensity rising.
Visual: cross hatching increasing, Bright intense colours, changing hue,
Time: 30 secs

5. Paranoia:
The feeling of being watched and something bad is going to happen is playing through the mind of the prisoner over and over again. The prisoner doesn’t know if what they are seeing and hearing is inside their head or in the cell with them.
Audio: voices in his head, whispering increasing in intensity,
Visual: Eyes, maybe looking back at himself, voices in his head, people laughing at him.. smiles,frowns.
Time: 30 Sec

6. Hallucinations: Good to Bad
The prisoner begins to experience or relive memories from the past. Happy memories and happier times are illustrated through audio and visual. The walls of the cell begin to fall down and freedom is right in front of their eyes. The user flickers in and out o happy and bad memories. The
Audio: birds chirping, freedom sounds, wind, laughing kids,
Visual: Godly Apparitions symbolizing a life of sin and death, kids and open meadows, family members
Time: 30 secs

7. Suicidal Thoughts:
The experience is becoming too much to handle and to carry on living will mean to carry on experiencing this form of mental torture. The prisoner contemplates committing suicide and feels as if this is the only escape from solitude and his mind. This is the lowest point of the prisoner’s time within the cell where hope is lost and nothing can change.
Audio: Priest giving funeral speech about who they were. church bells
Visual: Ropes, Self Harming, graves, rosary beads, after life, family crying into a grave.
Time: 30secs

8. Forgiveness/Self Curing
The prisoner seeks forgiveness for all the wrongs that they have gone through and wants to lead a life out of sin. The mental effects and hallucinations have made them realize there is more to life than this. The prisoner has accepted that they have done wrong in life and wish that they could be forgiven for the sins they have committed in a their life outside. The prisoner has been through a traumatic experience that has changed his mind for better and for worse. The Prisoner is beginning to cure the criminal aspects in them but
Audio: Church bells, wailing, praying for forgiveness, crying.
Visual: Church, Crosses, Rosary Beads, Statues,  A Cured version of himself looking back at him.
Time: 30secs

9. Freedom
The long journey through the mind of a prisoner in solitary confinement as light begins to fill the room and the cell door opens.
Audio: piercing sound, high pitched, shackles opening, sound from outside, freedom
Visual: White light fills the room. Shackles open up. children in the distance, silhouette of figure standing in the door way.
interactivity: Light and Hydraulic door.

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