Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Narrative Development

Narrative – Solitary Confinement
Sam Miles

The purpose of this story is to take the visitor on a journey through the mind of a prisoner in solitary confinement. The piece is fictionional but incorporates elements of factual knowledge surrounding the experiences that people have gone through whilst locked in solitary confinement. The story will be presented in a non-traditional manner using abstract visuals and audio that reflect the mind of a prisoner rather than a narrator speaking to the user or using textual information in a linear fashion.
The user will be able to interact with parts of the story whilst they are brought through a series of mental episodes, portrayed using metaphors and reality. The mental episodes will be in sequence of how a prisoner may feel as time passes with an ongoing theme running throughout.  The piece is built up of a number of short stories, which are tied together with a running theme of regret, self-torment and craving for escape.

Point of View – Inside the mind and body of the prisoner

Steps – Mental Episodes:  
  1.       Personal Reflection:
  2.         Anxiety
  3.         Sleep Deprivation    
  4.            Paranoia
  5.         Hallucinations
  6.         Suicidal Thoughts
  7.         Acceptance
  8.         Forgiveness/self curing

Common Theme:
Self Loathing, Fear and Repentence


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