Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Solitude - Plot and Breakdown

Solitude Plot
Solitude is about an individual who is sent to solitary confinement and battles with themselves mentally/physically whilst going through a number of mental episodes.
-       Beginning: short back story and introduction to the cell.
-       Middle: Series of different mental episodes
-       End: Freedom is achieved by the prisoner but at what cost?

Mental or Internal Narrative of a prisoner which uses visual iconography to tell a story of mental torture and isolation.

The character is a visual depiction of the inner mind and experiences that a prisoner goes through in solitary confinement. The character is never fully shown physically (some body parts may be shown) however their viewpoint and thoughts/flashbacks are used to tell the story.

The Language alternates from the inner voice of a prisoner and the sounds inside and outside the cell.

Abstract Soundscape of musical components and intense foley.

The viewpoint of the audience is in a “Point of View” style, which puts the viewer into the mind of the character in a first person role playing manner.

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