Monday, 18 February 2013

Test Edit

Recent developments to Solitude have resulted in the use of nine geometrical shapes to project our content onto.

This development affects the complexity of both the narrative and the edit as now there are potentially nine "screens" to playback the narrative on. This adds a new dynamic to both the narrative and the editing process.

This prototype edit was to test an editing technique that allowed for nine possible playback screens. Each video box on the screen represents one shape of our proposed designed layout. Each box will be mapped to a particular shape. The main focus of this video is the very center box. This box deals with the main narrative of the short mental episode. The other eight complimenting boxes are to add a new dynamic, to help show the further degrading of the mind.

This is the first of several tests that will be taking place, these tests are to help us better understand creating a narrative that potentially has nine playback screens and to test out different editing techniques so we can choose what is most fitting for the project.

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