Monday, 18 February 2013

Solitude Story Draft 3

First Encounter
A person is being escorted into a prison by two prison guards the sheer size and architecture of the building is domineering.  The individual takes their last look at the outside world and walk into the building not knowing what the future holds. The prisoner is taken through the prison in what feels like a long walk through the depths of hell. Daylight seems to be becoming less and less as every step is taken deeper into the prison. The atmosphere is cold the surroundings are dark and intimidating. Each prison cell holds another pair of soulless eyes peering out of a small shutter taking in the new member of the prison. The prisoner is confronted by a dark harrowing cell door and is pushed inside then the door is slammed behind them.  The journey to get to the cell was such a uneasy experience that for a moment solitude feels like freedom. The shutter is closed and darkness begins to flood the cell drowning the prisoner in fear.

First Encounter pt.II
The prisoner begins to use the senses other than their sight to gain an understanding of their surroundings. The prisoner can hear sounds of cell doors slamming in the distance, prisoners heckling, laughing and crying in their cells. Eventually the prisoner begins to adapt to the darkness of the cell and can start to make out what it looks like inside.

Mental Episode 1: Anxiety
Anxiety begins to set in as the fear of spending time in cell alone begins to sink in. The prisoner’s heartbeat and breathing begin to increase and the cell walls begin to feel as if they are moving closer in to the prisoner suffocating them. The prisoner is having an anxiety attack becoming disorientated and dizzy. Flashbacks of a previous life remind the prisoner of how much they have lost.

Mental Episode 2: Paranoia
The prisoner is finding it hard to distinguish the difference between the real world and what is going on inside their mind.  The sounds of the prisoners outside the cell are becoming less frequent and the voices in their head are becoming a lot louder. The prisoner has the feeling that they are being watched from all areas of the cell and they cant shake this feeling off them. They are being judged for all the wrong things they have done in life. The prisoner is being laughed at by the voices in his head and by the prisoners outside and they cannot realize what is real or not.

Mental Episode 3: Depression
Depression begins to set in as the prisoner reflects on his life and looks towards his bleak future of mental torture. The prisoner envisions committing suicide in a number of ways and also pictures their own funeral with their family members surrounding a gravestone. Praying to god for forgiveness seems to be the last option that the prisoner has so they look towards their faith.  The reoccurring memories of the prisoner’s children and family suggest that they truly want to escape this mental torture and go back to a normal life.

Mental Episode 4: Sleeping Disorder/Fatigue
Sleeping Disorder is the most draining part of the prisoners experience the fact that they cannot sleep is distorted their grasp on reality. The passing of time is feels like forever. Seconds feel like minutes, and minutes feel like hours, the prisoner focuses on the monotony of life in the cell from counting down the days to listening to the random patterns of water dripping into puddles on the floor. Drifting in and out of relaxed almost sleeping state and waking up again is mental torture for the prisoner, which is making them act strangely.

Mental Episode 5: Schizophrenia
The prisoner is starting to go through a series of good and bad episodes with great highs and lows. The prisoner’s thoughts and actions are schizophrenic where good memories are being turned on their head and the world they once knew is becoming destroyed. Family members are laughing at the prisoner shunning the prisoner the outside world does not accept the prisoner anymore or so they believe.

Mental Episode 6: Hallucination
The prisoner is beginning to hallucinate and engage in very odd thoughts and behavior; the room begins to turn into an almost cinematic environment with colors images and sounds bursting out from it. The prisoner hallucinates about freedom about a walking through meadows feeling the wind on their face and the sun on their back; the walls seemed to be falling down from around them. Freedom is near, the prisoner cannot tell if they are dying or if this is actually happening before their eyes. Then almost as if being hit by a train reality smacks them in the face. The prisoner snaps out of hallucinating and realizes they are in a dark hole alone. Darkness sets in for a long period of time.

The cell door opens with bright over powering lights starts to fill the room in an almost painful manner. A tall superior figure of a man stands at the door and beacons the prisoner to leave the cell as they have finished there time in solitary confinement. The prisoner is reluctant to leave because they are scared from the experience that they have gone through. They stand up and leave the cell hoping never to return to that lonely place ever again.

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