Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Man Trapped Inside The Structure: BreakDown

Man Trapped inside the Structure: Actor Performance Direction
Location: Dark looked cell or room resembling solitude

Set up: Wide angle lens, 3 Lights, static camera keeps rolling, Frosted Glass.

Character: Healthy normal man put into a cell who slowly starts to loose his     mind in solitary confinement. Skinny looking young man with a beard and strong features.
Shots / Actors Actions:
Man thrown into the cell and doesn’t care about what is going on.      INTRO
Man looks around the room to take in his surroundings.
Man starts to walk around the cell and feel the walls.                          REGRET
Man paces back and forth for an extended amount of time. 
Man sits in a ball in the corner of the room.
Man begins to Shiver and look around the room.                                 PARANOIA
Man thinks people are looking at him
Man begins to itch and scratch his skin and head.                                ANXIETY
Man is rocking back and forth on the ground.
Man tries to sleep and begins to lie down on the ground.
Man Tosses and Turns on the ground trying to sleep.                          SLEEP DEP
Man begins to sit up and rub his eyes and face.
Man starts to laugh which leads to breaking down and crying.            SELF HARM  
Man starts to self-harm by punching himself
Man self harms by punching the walls and scraping the walls             SUICIDAL
Man gets tired from self-harming and breaks down into a ball on the ground.
Man looks around the room feeling like he is being watched.
Man begins to shout at his hallucinations “go away – go away”.        HALLUCINATION
Man is crying into his hands.                                                                   
Man begins to talk to himself and reassure himself its ok.                   DEPRESSION
Man is allowed leave the cell as it fades to blackness.

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