Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Prisoner trapped within the structure idea:

Working closely with the team we have developed an idea suggested by Mark that will tie into all areas of the project. The development of a new symmetrical structure by Ronan with a central piece has helped focus the project even more. The new structure lends itself well to the story because we can use the left and right sides to show direct opposites and the central piece as a main focus point.

The new idea that the team and I have been working on is using the central piece as a place to show a prisoner trapped inside the structure wanting to escape. The use of an actor in a prison cell going through each emotion or mental illness will be a good way to get the message across of a human trapped inside the structure. The surrounding shapes around the central focus point can be used to show the inner mind of the prisoner. Interaction is an integral part to this project and we want to make sure the audience is aware of the interaction that is happening rather than a subtle interaction that may go unnoticed by certain members. We feel that the central piece could be a good place to show interaction maybe using external sensors that control the visuals and audio within the installation. This new idea will help give the audience a firm understanding of what is going on at all times with maximum impact without confusing them.

New Structure Designed by Ronan De Lacey

Visual Example

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