Monday, 11 March 2013

Narrative Testing Solitude

We want to make sure that the visuals we are using to tell our story are understood so that we are getting our message across in an effective way. I have created a test where I will show a number of participants some images and I want to ask them to relate them to the headings shown below. 

What image most strongly represents Sleep Deprivation?
1.     Continuous Dripping Water
2.     Day to Night Time Lapses
3.     Cross Hatches of days going by
4.     Bags under eyes
5.     Clock Ticking

What image most strongly represents suicidal thoughts?
1.     Knife to Wrist
2.     Tying Rope into noose
3.     Dangling Feet
4.     Poison
5.     Gravestones

What image most strongly represents Paranoia?
1.     People laughing at you
2.     People crying
3.     People shouting
4.     People whispering
5.     Eyes Staring at you

What image most strongly represents Anxiety?
1.     Rubbing Hands Constantly
2.     Blurred Dizzy Vision
3.     Seeing Stars
4.     Chewing Finger Nails
5.     Erratic Eye Movements

Some Examples of the images being used for testing.

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