Friday, 29 March 2013

Visualizing Data - Google Docs From Procesing to VDMX

Just a quick Screen Capture to demonstrate how we are pulling and visualizing statistical data on mental illness from Google Docs and outputting it to VDMX to be projected onto the piece.

Project Solitute: Outputting data from Google Docs to VDMX using Processing and Quartz Composer from brodie thornton on Vimeo.

We are using Public Classes created by Jer Thorpe (found here) in Processing to pull data from cells on a Google Docs Spreadsheets stored online and outputting the data of each cell as a 3d cube onscreen.

The Processing sketch is outputted to Quartz Composer using the Syphon Library for Processing and blended with a directory of movie clips. The Quartz file is then placed within VDMX so we can sequence it with other movie clips and add effects to each.

The VDMX file is then outputted again through Syphon to Mad Mapper so that we can map the outputs to the surface we are projecting onto.

The Files for this setup can be downloaded here.

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